mrs_paulhamm (mrs_paulhamm) wrote in paulhamm,

Paul is Alive...

Man oh man, as if it wasn't hard enough hearing and reading about Paul not going to the Olympics, the media just makes it so sad and makes it sound like as if he dropped dead!
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I actually think the coverage has been very fair. In general, the coverage I've seen (including that posted here) universally acknowledges that Paul's withdrawal is a huge loss to the team, a heart-breaking disappointment to him personally, and a tragic twist in a long and dramatic story. Several pieces of commentary I've read even praise Paul for making this difficult decision.

And, in my opinion, nobody has done a better job of putting the Athens controversy into fair perspective on a consistent basis than Nancy Armour of the AP. If anything in the coverage of this event (or more particularly, coverage of Paul in general) is lacking, it's concise yet fair perspective of what happened in Athens.

What exactly do you want the media to say about this? Do you really want this reported with a happy spin? Would that be fair coverage?

So far, I haven't come across Paul's obituary.