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Well... in some ways I can't say I'm not surprised

NBC Olympics reports that Morgan Hamm has withdrawn from the Olympic games.  I only watched a tiny bit of podium training for the guys and didn’t see any of Morgan, so I don’t know how he is actually doing.  He said that his ankle will not let him perform to his full expectations at the games.  

Wow, this is really upsetting, not in a sad way, in a mad way.  It is a day before the games start and you decide to drop out now???  You could of decided a little earlier so one of the alternates could come in and start to practice with the team.  I’m sure this has something to do with Paul dropping out also, where would he be without his brother?

Copied from http://lblgymnastics.com/ Sorry for the confusing

I'm in shock right now... This is not what we need...Hopefully Dave D will go in but OMG..
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