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Fun With Pictures... [05 Sep 2010|10:53pm]

How about a game of "What's Paul Thinking?" :o)

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More articles on Paul's comeback [29 Jul 2010|08:50pm]

This one (from insidegymnastics.com) is my favorite article so far.  It's just so Paul!

Here's the interview with him, also from Inside Gymnastics:
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Twins Back in Wisconsin [28 Jul 2010|11:43am]

One of the reasons Paul is probably back home in Wisconsin is because that's where Morgan is again... coaching at M&M!  I wonder if Paul will try to get in some workouts there once in a while.  I think he'd do better with his brother around him in the gym.  Thanks to Jen for this link:  http://community.livejournal.com/morganhammfans/86113.html?view=318817#t318817
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COMEBACK!!!!! [20 Jul 2010|05:40pm]

I'm not sure how many people still receive updates from here but I thought I'd post anyways.

Paul announced today that he's in the process of making a comeback for the 2012 Games. He's training at Swiss Turners right now but may move to the USOTC in Colorado where he'll prepare for the 2011 Winter Cup.
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Anyone out there??? [08 Jan 2010|11:02pm]

It's been forever and a day since anyone posted here... just curious if anyone has any news or updates or such.  Heard virtually zilch anywhere since Morgan and Megan got married.  Anyone know what the guys are up to other than being at this year's Skating and Gymnastics spectacular?
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Lookie, lookie, who's gonna be at American Cup! [13 Feb 2009|09:11am]

Here's the latest on American Cup from usa-gymnastics.com.  (I knew it!  I just knew it.  Now if only they can get him on tv!  After reading this, I would sooooo love to be in Chicago!)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Feb. 12, 2009 – Fans attending the 2009 Tyson American Cup, scheduled for Feb. 21 at the Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, Ill., will have the opportunity to experience some fun fan activities, in addition to witnessing some of the world’s top gymnasts and rising stars competing in the prestigious international invitational. The fun begins when the doors open at 12:30 p.m. and includes the “Celebration of Champions,” which recognizes former event champions who have also won Olympic gold medals.

“Gymnastics events are great family opportunities, and we want our fans to enjoy not only the drama and excitement of high-level, international competition, but also have a fun and entertaining time,” said Steve Penny, president of USA Gymnastics. “This year’s Tyson American Cup will have the whole gamut – interactive concourse activities, a celebration of success and incredible gymnastics.”

The fan activities scheduled at the Sears Centre Arena on Feb. 21 include the following opportunities:

  • “Celebration of Champions” autograph signing. Several former event champions who also won Olympic gold medals will sign autographs from 12:30-1:10 p.m. The former champions expected include Nastia Liukin, Mary Lou Retton, Kerri Strug, Stella Zakharova, Elena Zamolodchikova, Tim Daggett, Trent Dimas, Paul Hamm, Vitaly Scherbo and Peter Vidmar. These well-known gymnastics stars will also be recognized as part of the event’s opening ceremony.

Celebration of Champions
To celebrate the event’s history, USA Gymnastics is recognizing former event champions who also won Olympic gold medals. Those expected to attend the 2009 Tyson American Cup include Nastia Liukin, Mary Lou Retton, Kerri Strug, Stella Zakharova, Elena Zamolodchikova, Tim Daggett, Trent Dimas, Paul Hamm, Vitaly Scherbo and Peter Vidmar.

Many of the USA’s best-known gymnasts are both former event champions and Olympic gold medalists (years indicate event victories): women – Nastia Liukin (2005-06, 2008), Shawn Johnson (2007), Carly Patterson (2003-04), Kerri Strug (1996), Dominique Dawes (1994), Shannon Miller (1993), Mary Lou Retton (1983-85) and Julianne McNamara (1981-82); and men – Paul Hamm (2008), Trent Dimas (1991), Tim Daggett (1985), Peter Vidmar (1983-84) and Bart Conner (1976, 1981-82). Five international athletes also won both this prestigious event and Olympic gold medals during their careers: women – Romania’s Nadia Comaneci (1976), Russia’s Stella Zakharova (1979) and Elena Zamolodchikova (2001); and men – Japan’s Mitsuo Tsukahara (1977) and Belarus’ Vitaly Scherbo (1993-94).

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Paul's in Chicago [29 Dec 2008|12:03pm]

Not really much in the way of news, but I'm guessing this appearance probably means that the boys have at least partially moved and are now in Chicago.  Anyone else heard anything?

Tyson Fitness Challenge Zone, gymnastics included among activities at Mayor Daley’s Holiday Sports Festival
Paul Hamm signs autographs at the Tyson Fitness Challenge Zone
© 2008 USA Gymnastics. All Rights Reserved.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Dec. 27, 2008 – The Tyson Fitness Challenge Zone will be featured as part of the gymnastics activities at the 2008 Mayor Daley’s Holiday Sports Festival, Dec. 27-29 at McCormick Place (Halls A&B) in downtown Chicago from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily.

Gymnastics is one of many activities available in the interactive zones, and the Tyson Fitness Challenge Zone will be held in conjunction with gymnastics. The Tyson Fitness Challenge Zone is an interactive area where kids can have fun and gain knowledge on the importance of fitness through activities that focus on building strength, flexibility, cardiovascular exercise and good nutrition.

The Tyson Fitness Challenge Zone gives a brief introduction into four fundamentals of fitness that are the cornerstone of the Tyson Fitness Challenge, a fitness initiative with two goals: helping today’s kids get more physically fit and raising money through Children’s Miracle Network to help kids who are fighting illnesses. The Tyson Fitness Challenge is held in gymnastics clubs across the country and is a fun and safe way for today’s youth to become more physically active. In addition, the Tyson Fitness Challenge is the vehicle for the gymnastics community to raise funds for Children’s Miracle Network as part of annual celebrations for National Gymnastics Day. In just eight years, the gymnastics family has raised more than $1 million for Children’s Miracle Network. The Tyson Fitness Challenge is a joint initiative of Tyson Foods and USA Gymnastics. The activity is being held as part of the community-based efforts surrounding the Tyson American Cup, a prestigious international gymnastics invitational that will be held in the Chicago metropolitan area on Feb. 21.

The three-day Holiday Sports Festival is sponsored by the City of Chicago, Chicago Park District and McCormick Place and free to the general public. The Holiday Sports Festival features activities in more than 30 different sports, along with events in three sports and special performances and appearances. For more information on the Holiday Sports Festival, go to www.cityofchicago.org/specialevents.

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And Another [20 Sep 2008|11:57pm]

Another nice preview!

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Tour Sneak Peak [20 Sep 2008|11:54pm]

Okay, so when I heard there was going to be a Kanye West song I was like, "Yeah, that's gotta be the twins' bit." Sure enough, it is! And, yes, there will be airflaires!!!!

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And I'll Have A Side Of Fries With That! [14 Aug 2008|12:47pm]

Yeah, I'm gonna say it ...

I'm not the type who tends to find pleasure in the misfortune of others, but when that whiny little Yang Tae Young was thisclose to silver and then sat on the pommel horse, I couldn't help but feel a smug sense of satisfaction. That crybaby walked away with exactly what he deserved: NOTHING!


It's been about 10 hours since the AA competition ended, so he should be filing his protest any minute now ...

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Hamm Fluff? [11 Aug 2008|10:33pm]

So I had to completely miss MAG prelims and a small bit of tonight.  Just wondering if there has been anything on the twins in the NBC coverage, and if so, could you tell me about or post it?  Thanks gang.
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Well... in some ways I can't say I'm not surprised [07 Aug 2008|08:09am]

[ mood | shocked ]

NBC Olympics reports that Morgan Hamm has withdrawn from the Olympic games.  I only watched a tiny bit of podium training for the guys and didn’t see any of Morgan, so I don’t know how he is actually doing.  He said that his ankle will not let him perform to his full expectations at the games.  

Wow, this is really upsetting, not in a sad way, in a mad way.  It is a day before the games start and you decide to drop out now???  You could of decided a little earlier so one of the alternates could come in and start to practice with the team.  I’m sure this has something to do with Paul dropping out also, where would he be without his brother?

Copied from http://lblgymnastics.com/ Sorry for the confusing

I'm in shock right now... This is not what we need...Hopefully Dave D will go in but OMG..
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Bit of Paul News [05 Aug 2008|03:28am]

Visa sticks with plan

Waukesha gymnast Paul Hamm is not competing in the Beijing Olympics but at least one of his sponsors is not fazed by the news.

According to SportsBusiness Daily, Visa has a 30-second spot focusing on Hamm, which is set to run online and perhaps on over-the-air TV.

Hamm will not be in Beijing during the competition but is staying in the United States to prepare for a tour with other gymnasts after the Olympics.

(From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ... scroll to bottom of this link: http://www.jsonline.com/story/index.aspx?id=779598)
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BELIEVE: Chapter 7 [31 Jul 2008|11:08pm]

Here's Chapter 7.  Sorry it took so long to post.  Enjoy!

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Inside Gymnastics Article [29 Jul 2008|01:30pm]


Once again, give them a day and IG will provide a well-written article.

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The telephone conference [29 Jul 2008|12:03pm]

Here's a link to a recording of Paul's telephone conference: 
(It's partway down the page on the left side.)
Poor guy.  He just sounds so tired, almost like he was reading what he was going to say right off the page.
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Paul is Alive... [29 Jul 2008|11:33am]

Man oh man, as if it wasn't hard enough hearing and reading about Paul not going to the Olympics, the media just makes it so sad and makes it sound like as if he dropped dead!



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Press Praise [29 Jul 2008|10:49am]

Hat's off to The Christian Science Monitor - well-said.

Praise that Paul Hamm deserves
Mark Sappenfield | 07.29.08

Today, gymnast Paul Hamm is being lauded for his unselfishness. What a difference an Olympiad makes.

Yesterday, Paul Hamm announced his withdrawal from the American gymnastics team, acknowledging that his attempt to recover from the broken hand he suffered in May had failed.

Four years ago, Paul Hamm refused to return the gold medal he had won in gymnastics’ most prestigious event – the all-around – despite the fact that he had won it due a judging error.

In truth, nothing has changed. The champion once branded selfish by some is the same man who now is putting the welfare of the team above his own.

I cannot claim to have great insight into Paul Hamm’s soul. I have only talked to him at a handful of press events, and never one-on-one. But what struck me was that he was always refreshingly frank.

In Athens, he had done nothing wrong, yet he was being asked to pay the penalty for someone else’s mistake. Sporting events often turn on a mistake, usually by the athlete, but sometimes also by those officiating. To publicly implore him to return the medal, as some officials did, was underhanded.

The rules were clear. The medal was his.

This, too, is clear. He cannot compete in Beijing. So rather than holding out in the hope that another few days might improve his condition, he has withdrawn.

Two different decisions, but the same man in each.


Another nice one: http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/spt/stories/072908dnspohairopoulos.35be73c.html
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Strange Ironies & Shakespearean Drama [28 Jul 2008|11:31pm]

Let me embrace thee, sour adversity, for wise men say it is the wisest course.
-- Henry VI, Part IV

I've had a crazy day and am just now hearing about Paul's withdrawal and Raj's ascension. I'm shocked at my own reaction -- so discombobulated ...

Maybe it's because I'm a writer, but the one thing I comprehend clearly in the initial shock of this announcement is what strange ironies suddenly present themselves. Who on Earth would have bet money at any point in the last four years that it would be Morgan and not Paul in Beijing? Morgan, not Paul, who competes on his third Olympics team? Morgan, not Paul, with the best chance of medalling in 08? Morgan, not Paul, with the potential to be in the limelight and perhaps bathe in glory? I've always had a special soft spot for Morgan and think he's been sorely underrated, but I'm not sure this is quite the way he (or anybody else) envisioned his day in the sun.

As the news starts to sink in ... I'm reluctant to admit it, but for me, Paul's withdrawal is depressing. Not just because of what it does to the USA's medal chances, but because I've been a loyal fan. He never gave any indication that he was anything less than confident -- even talked smack toward Yang Wei last week -- and I can't help but think it might be less depressing if fans like myself had been a little more prepared for the possibility that we'd never see him compete again. All we've heard is, "I'll be ready, I'll be ready," and so we kept investing ourselves and salivating in anticipation of the competition ahead. Then the rotator cuff bombshell along with the withdrawal announcement ... WTF?

I'm not faulting Paul. He can't tell us what he doesn't know, and this rotator cuff thing apparently just happened in the last week or so. I guess I'm just blindsided at being blindsided. I think Paul's actually proving (again) what a class act he is by making the most excruciating and most honorable decision. I just wish it wasn't knocking the wind out of me.

I'm really sad that I won't get to see the Hamm twins compete in one more Olympics. I'm less sad about what all this means for the USA's medalling chances. Unquestionably, they are significantly diminished. As the reality of a team without Paul starts to sink in, I have a profound sense of an amazing chapter coming to an end and an unknown chapter beginning. It will be a joy to watch Raj. I can't imagine an athlete who will compete with a clearer sense of destiny and redemption than he will. And I believe Morgan will compete in a way that brings him the credit he's so long deserved. It also will be fun to watch the stars of Horton, Hagerty, Spring and Tan ascend as they launch into new levels of stardom. I'll love every minute of watching them compete. But I'll still miss Paul.

I can't believe I'm being such a drama queen over this. On the other hand, another irony: who ever dreamed that the off-stage drama surrounding a team of grown men would be so downright Shakespearean?

Your tale, sir, would cure deafness.
-- The Tempest

Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall.
-- King Lear

If to do were as easy as to know what were good to do, chapels had been churches, and poor men's cottage princes' palaces.
-– Merchant of Venice

Is it not strange that desire should so many years outlive performance?
-- Henry IV, Part 2

Screw your courage to the sticking-place.
-- MacBeth

I don't know if I'm ever going to fully accept that Paul isn't on this team. Screw what's official. In my mind, I see this team as six competiting athletes, two alternates, and one inspiring spirit watching from afar.
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Raj Bhavsar [28 Jul 2008|05:31pm]

Raj Bhavsar has just been announced as being placed on the team as Paul Hamm's replacement!

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